Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Year of the OX!

The Chinese New Year celebration was on Sunday night. Race street was a flurry of activity, not to mention noise. Numerous and by numerous I mean around 50 lines of dynamite are hung out of second and third floor windows and then set off at street level. This year I remembered to bring ear plugs.

When we got off the train we could hear fireworks immediately.
After safely darting across the firework launching site (the middle of an intersection),
we spotted these colorful dragons.

Baby dragons are super cute! Here is one saying hello...

This one was spotted while her stubborn mouth was repaired.
The flap was not working so she couldn't see!

We we getting chilly...so one more firecracker string and we were outta there.

Here's a new fan of the Chinese New Year Celebration !

I like this one.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Philadelphia Past & Present

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For my first photo assignment I have to locate 10 photos from Philadelphia's past. The original 10 photographs are at least 60 years old; I decided to focus on Philly's beautiful Old City. After some complications in the equipment room, I was finally able to rent a Nikon D40 and I began shooting o
n Friday around 4pm. I raced down to Chestnut st only to realize the meters in Old City only accept quarters. I questioned a man standing in a doorway but his hands emerged empty from his pockets. I ran around the corner to a dry cleaner, after spilling my story the tailor changed my $5 but only gave me one dollar in quarters! A quarter only buys you 8 minutes on Front and Chestnut.
While I was getting my papers in order and preparing to hunt for my first site, I saw a man who seemed lost or in search of something.I was not any help to him, but after we started talking about my agenda
I must have mentioned my parking meter situation. The next thing I knew this new friend was offering to feed the meter for me.
It is refreshing to meet friendly strangers in such a large and usually grumpy city. After Juan filled the parking meter we started talking. Juan recognized the name of my hometown, Shamokin, I was shocked and happy. I love meeting new people and Juan really made my Friday. I encourage everyone to spark up conversation if the opportunity arises.
One thing I mentioned to him was The Oxford Project. The pictures fir
st grabbed my attention, but I really enjoyed reading everyone's story that accompanied their pictures. Go get lost in the small town of Oxford.

Back to the assignment...
I shot Chestnut and Market streets on Friday from 4 until sundown. Saturday I woke up at 2pm and did exactly the same thing on Walnut street. I like the cool feeling of all the photos, I wanted the focus to be the buildings and landmarks. I don't want the distraction of color in the second set of photos. All the archives are black and white so I thought it would be interesting to focus on the present in the same way.

Top: Looking SW standing on the NE corner of Front and Chestnut streets.
-Unknown, 1843.
Bottom: -Schu, 2009.

Top: Looking West from Third and Chestnut streets.
-Newell, 1885
Bottom: -Schu, 2009.
Top: Carpenter's Hall, Southside of Chestnut, below Fourth street.
-Richards, 1855.
Bottom: -Schu, 2009.

Top: Philadelphia Bank, Fourth and Chestnut streets.
-Unknown, 1859.
Bottom: -Schu, 2009.

Top: R. Smith's Brewery, Fifth & Market streets
-Richards, 1859.
Bottom: -Schu, 2009.

Top: London Coffee House, SW corner of Front and Market, standing on the NE corner.
-James E.
Bottom: -Schu, 2009.

Top: Also Front, a few steps north of Market looking at the NW corner and south side of Market.
-Richars & Betts, 1859
Bottom: -Schu, 2009.

Top: The Exchange Building, looking NE from Walnut and Dock St.
-Boyd, 1915.

Bottom: -Schu, 2009.

Top: The Irwin Building, Looking at SW corner of Fourth and Walnut from the NE corner.
-Hess, 1931
Bottom: -Schu, January 2009

Top: South side of Third and Walnut streets.
-Rolston, 1915.
Bottom: I wasn't really pleased with this one, the parked car doesn't do much for the photo either.
-Schu, 2009.

Lastly, a photo that caught my eye.
I like the clouds and the deserted street, the only residents are a bike and a mac truck.

300 Walnut street, photographer unknown, 1971

I now realize I have spent the last 3.5 hours sitting at this computer. My back and eyes hurt, I never knew posting was so time consuming. It is 4am *Goodnight!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Finally My Blogging Begins...

I have arrived here to create my very first blog; I've been meaning to start a blog for months. Creating a blog is the first assignment for Documentary Photography with Dr. Mendelson, so here I am. I think I'll check things out before I post further.