Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Year of the OX!

The Chinese New Year celebration was on Sunday night. Race street was a flurry of activity, not to mention noise. Numerous and by numerous I mean around 50 lines of dynamite are hung out of second and third floor windows and then set off at street level. This year I remembered to bring ear plugs.

When we got off the train we could hear fireworks immediately.
After safely darting across the firework launching site (the middle of an intersection),
we spotted these colorful dragons.

Baby dragons are super cute! Here is one saying hello...

This one was spotted while her stubborn mouth was repaired.
The flap was not working so she couldn't see!

We we getting chilly...so one more firecracker string and we were outta there.

Here's a new fan of the Chinese New Year Celebration !

I like this one.


  1. wow! I can't believe that I never went to this festival while I was in Philly. The pictures are great!

  2. love the pics
    aunt shelly

  3. Baby dragons are my fav!
    - new fan