Thursday, April 30, 2009

Extremely Frustrated.

My post was just deleted. I don't even feel like explaining myself again. Here are pictures.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Check it out..

Similar to "my world" every student in the Doc class had to follow around a classmate and create "life of a colleague", here is Sande's soundslide production about yours truly.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

All things near and dear to my heart..

In this post you will find a little bit of Charlie, some Schwartz girls, and a few love birds. I've been meaning to take photos of some crafty Easter cards I received, but alas that will have to be next post. I have been super busy all week and have been putting off some really important tasks on my to do list. I still need to book a flight to Jamaica and I have yet to put my electric bill and the Schwartz family photo CD in the mail. I guess that's what Fridays are for. While I'm thinking of all the things on my list I need to add 'clean room' at the very top. My roomie Dave stepped on a glass that was on my floor this morning and consequently broke the glass and cut his foot. Thanks to picture messaging, I was able to see his bloody sock while I was in my photo class. That's enough graphic blogging for one day, onto Easter eggs!

This year Momma Schu found a tie-dye egg dying kit.
It was fun, simple, and I think they turned out freaking awesome.

Introducing Kristin & Ryan...

I recruited Kristin and Ditty as my models for my outdoor shot for lighting class. When we arrived on site at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, my flash radios were out of battery. It was a big bummer because that meant I had to work with the flash on my camera body. I had an idea for the shot, but since the flash couldn't be detached from my camera I couldn't make it happen. I got a few nice shots, but I know I will definitely shoot these two again, so I'm not too worried about it. Until then I will think of more ideas and charge my batteries.

Now onto the new babies in my life..
Miss Madeline

& her momma
& the best big sister a little babe could have, Princess Sophia

...and Charlie

Who by the way is growing up REALLY FAST. Her new thing is stepping on keyboards and chasing the mouse on my computer screen. She has been sitting right in front of the screen during this entire post; I keep having to peek around her to make sure I'm typing correctly. I need to get some sleep, I have work at 9am...ugh.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


CHARLIE! I came home after a LONG day of work..I'm talkin' a 15 hour day... and I walk into my room to find Jeff and a kitten! Anyway, no words can describe how cute she is and how much I'm in loveeeeee with her. She is awesome to day dream about, come home to, and take cat naps with. I'm her momma, Jeff is the dad, Steph is the godmother and Daveed is the godfather.
Enjoy these...

This is where Charlie waits for me when I'm at class :). She is soooo cute. I will never have another boyfriend again, if I'm lonely I will buy a kitten.

I'll leave you with a preview of what is to come. Nikki, I'll be sending you some jpegs soon and a cd in the mail.
Ms. Madeline Schwartz