Tuesday, April 7, 2009


CHARLIE! I came home after a LONG day of work..I'm talkin' a 15 hour day... and I walk into my room to find Jeff and a kitten! Anyway, no words can describe how cute she is and how much I'm in loveeeeee with her. She is awesome to day dream about, come home to, and take cat naps with. I'm her momma, Jeff is the dad, Steph is the godmother and Daveed is the godfather.
Enjoy these...

This is where Charlie waits for me when I'm at class :). She is soooo cute. I will never have another boyfriend again, if I'm lonely I will buy a kitten.

I'll leave you with a preview of what is to come. Nikki, I'll be sending you some jpegs soon and a cd in the mail.
Ms. Madeline Schwartz


  1. ooh, it's the post I've been waiting for!! i can't wait to meet charlie:-)

  2. So cute. Kate told me about the secret plans for your kitty and I squeeeeeeled with delight. I'm glad you're in love. I am too...with my little nuggets.

    On another note, tell us about naming your wee one...She shares a name with my very favorite public transportation system :)

  3. two gorgeous babies that i'm excited to meet, sweet pics of the little ones my dear!

  4. aww, she's soo cute :) (kitty and baby)

  5. charlie and sarah I love you both with my whole heart!!!!!!!!

  6. brother and sister...mom and dad...hmmmmm.
    I have been waiting sooooolong for some new posts from the sisters, so thank you Sarah....also, the rother and other sister better get their blogging act together. You know who.