Monday, March 30, 2009

No time for captions...

Sorry all, but I have no time to write captions or chit-chat. Here are some photos from last week. The first are my darling Sophia and her baby sister, Madeline. Also pictured is Molly, the kitten.
Next, we have Katie Albin frolicking about. She is great!
Full names, captions and stories to come on these topics later.

Taken by Ms. Sophia Schwartz

Now presenting Sophia and her 12 hour old sister Madeline...

If Katie Albin were a baby she would look just as cute as the two seen above, but she is not.
Enjoy this slightly older but equally cute fun female.


  1. great pictures! even without the captions you put together a wonderful post:-).... i have to upload my pictures from last week. for all of the cuteness in the schwartz household, i don't think i took a single picture! i was too busy playing with fake food and smelling the new baby :-).

  2. love the pics, especially of Katie :)