Friday, March 20, 2009

Lighting Patricia with strobes...

I had a really busy week. It all started on Monday (duh), with my two Brazilian brothers. I was still in Shamokin because I had an appointment, which happened to be canceled, but the office failed to call me. So I picked up the boys and we ate lunch at Brewser's, which was less than spectacular.
Then I had to say goodbye to the boys. I left Bruno and Gui many hugs later and began my trip to Philadelphia. I was in a tired daze for 2 hours, but I made it. After a quick dinner and some conversation with Jeff I went to lighting class to hand in my midterm.
When I arrived, I was excited to see I would be using new equipment. Frank had studio strobes assembled and two models came to the class. I only had a chance to shoot Patricia, because there are so many people in the class and at times its a little hectic. I love shooting her; she is ridiculously beautiful and really nice. I kept making her swing her head around and stand in front of a freezing fan, but I think these pictures are worth it. You may see her again because I hope to work with her soon for an upcoming project.


  1. Love these pics, especially the black and white :)

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