Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break with the Brazilians..

Did I mention we were in Minnesota?
The trip was chilly, to say the least. To tell the truth, I had the best week EVER. I flew with Kristin and spent the whole week with her Gui and Bruno. We talked, danced, joked, took pictures, went out, had fun and traveled A LOT. The boys are great hosts, they were constantly treating us to things and taking us really cool places.
We were never lost because of the gps therefore tempers were never high :). Many photos were taken as we wandered through campus and played with numerous statues and monuments. Bruno and Gui also gave us a tour of the green house at the University of Minnesota. We were smelling coffee beans, sitting on cacti and petting turtle mittens; I wish I was still there. The green house also had really cute cats and the soybean lab had a few dead mice. I didn't get to see any, but Bruno told me how he affectionately stomped on a mouse to put it out of its misery. After a few walks on campus we went to the Mall of America and shopped until we were tired. We also visited the aquarium there, which WAS NOT impressive at all. Do not waste your money. There is NO touch tank. I think Kristin is still crying about this, you are not the only one sister. We also walked around a small park by the Minnehaha Falls. The falls were frozen! This is the first time I have ever seen anything of the sort.

When we first arrived Bruno asked me if I wanted to ride a bull on his campus, I thought he was talking about a mechanical bull. We were fighting over how long I would stay on the bull and he told me I would probably last 5 minutes...he was right. These bulls were really tame and quite nice to ride.

The cactus, thorn tree and purple striped flowers were all in the green houses at the U.

These photos were taken at 'the big spoon' This spoon usually has a cherry on it, but when we arrived all we found was a little sign saying the cherry was being cleaned.

These creepy creatures were all caught on camera at the aquarium. The last one I spotted ended up following me home :)!

These are the Minnehaha Falls. A very beautiful sight on an extremely cold day. I think the temperature was somewhere around 3 degrees!


  1. I like that Kristin critter myself...she is so a keeper. Even though I talk to you often this blog undates me more.yes this was the only thing that I did today :( NBD LOL!

  2. these pictures are awesome! i'm so glad you guys had such a great time :-)

  3. The pics of minnehaha falls are soo pretty... I've heard that with some trespassing and fence jumping, you can get behind the ice and the light comes in in INSANE colors