Friday, March 20, 2009

My first flight!

I have flown several times in my dreams, but never while conscious. Last Saturday I boarded my first plane, I flew from Philadelphia to St. Paul, Minnesota. It was quite the trip. Katie took Kristin and me to the airport and helped us check in and check our luggage. I have already learned that the airport clerks will lie to you to make you go away, but I have also learned the security staff is helpful if you loose anything. Remember gang, hold onto your cellphone! That was the only time I have literally lost my phone, but security was really sincere, Thank you, Thank you!
Once the phone issue was settled, Kristin and I rearranged our carry on bags. Because we checked our luggage, we basically only had two book bags to store. Others were not so lucky. My seat partner reminded me of Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents. She was trying to shove a suitcase into the overhead and it was not budging. A flight attendant approached her and people started muttering 'check it' but she was persistent. After removing a few books and tossing them towards my seat, she was able to shove the suit case into the compartment. Big sighs of relief alllllll around.
After getting settled and reading the safety packet, we were ready for take off. I wasn't really nervous, I have adopted words of my mother's that I once heard her say a long time ago, "If its your time to go, its your time to go." As simple as that sounds its comforting to me. I'm not going to spend my life worrying about something that is out of my hands, because either way death is bigger than all of us, its inevitable and I'm not scared of it. Anyway, the worst that occurred was a raging headache from the point of lift off until I went to bed that night. A few people told me I should have chewed gum, this is something you should tell a first-timer before their flight :( but NBD. Bruno and Gui I expect you to know what that means, but for everyone else: NBD= no big deal. Onto the flight pictures..

My first flight, taken shortly after takeoff from the Philadelphia Airport.

Destination: snowy St. Paul Minnesota.

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