Saturday, March 7, 2009

The weather was ridiculously warm today, so I asked Steph to come over and play. She just arrived at school, but she promptly packed her things and left. Daveed and John packed up and left for Pete's house; they will be leaving for spring break in Canada tomorrow. Matty was leaving for work and Justin was hanging out so we scooped him up and off we drove to 5th and Cecil B. Moore. There is amazing graffiti surrounding half a block. I photographed the sick graffiti, some of the things I have acquired this week and J. Hofe & Steph.

Inside the shell is a book marker that Flossie made for me. She also sent a tart burner with yummy scents like falling leaves and warm apple pie. At the end of the day I come home to a room that smells delicious and homey. The note is also from Flossie and the picture is from Steph. She found it while walking to her school library, she said it reminded her of me.

We also found a really interesting, but slightly creepy band flier. I like Wall-e and Eva in the top right hand corner however, I'm not diggin' the baby in the oven.

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