Saturday, February 21, 2009

Steph at work...

Stephanie Ann Slanina is the subject of today's post, she is ridiculously funny, kind and awesome. Steph has been a best friend for as long as I can remember. She is part of the 'family' along with Kandy Krebs and Kristin Schu. I get to hang out with Steph a lot because she lives in Manayunk and attends Philadelphia University. Steph is the subject for my "Work" assignment for lighting class. Steph is a senior fashion design student and I can't wait to see her collection this year; I will have to post some of her garments later.
On to Lighting Class...
"Work" is the assignment, usually an environmental portrait of a person in their work environment, in action. This was my first time alone working with Tungsten lights . I've only messed around a few times with them in the studio where I could easily ask my Professor for help. Enough with the explanations...

Thank you Steph!!


  1. you are very welcome I had a blast!

  2. you are doing a fabulous job with the blog and photographs, I'm always anxious for more updates! xoxo

  3. I absolutely LOVE the fact that she is sewing the bottoms of her suit while wearing only the top.

    Steph, you're brilliant and courageous. Oh..and where can I buy some bathing suit elastic??? I'm sewing cloth diapers and need to find some elastic that will hold up to more-than-average moisture and washing.