Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cape Cod

During Spring break I took a trip to Cape Cod with my two sisters and a young lad named Ryan. The day was actually a birthday celebration of sorts with plenty of smoke, sights, and seafood. I had a great time exploring Cape Cod during the off season, but I think my companions now know not to travel with a photographer. I think it took us a good six hours to reach the point when it should have only taken an hour. I made them stop for good reason though, see what you think...


  1. you really captured the day... except when i look at your pictures, and at mine, i realized there's a gap - we never really took any pictures of all of us together, or of the car, or anything silly. next time we're going to have to remember to capture the people that came along for the ride! xo

  2. wtf little boy with chickens...did you stop at a cock fight on the way?