Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day to day

I love all of these photographs.  I had fun shooting them because they weren't assignments, just random scenes I knew I wanted to capture.  The first shot was taken on the side of the road while Ryan and Kristin changed a flat tire.  I shot directly into the setting sun.  I don't recommend looking into the sun especially through a camera lens, but sometimes its worth it.  I blocked out the sun with the center of the weed so that light outlined the plant.  This gave the effect of Sepia coloring even though the photo was shot in color.
The second photo is uneditted.  I appreciate a beautiful sunset because I rarely get the chance to capturing them.  I took this photo while holding my camera out the window, again sometihng I don't recommend. 
The last shot was an experiment; its a night photo of my barn.  The barn is in the process of being taken apart and reassembeled, so its open face is quite rare.  I used a spot light and some helpful assistants to light the inside with headlamps.  I didn't have a tripod or a cable release, so I think this photo turned out surprisingly well.  I cannot wait to do this again with longer exposures.

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  1. wow, those are fantastic, and a great easter treat! miss you