Friday, June 25, 2010

Da Yute Dem

During my stay in Jamaica, I've been hanging out with Ronaldo a lot.  He is Anne and Blacka's nine-year-old son and one of my best friends.  He honestly makes me feel like a kid again.  We spend our days playing made up card games, swimming in the sea and eating everything that is sweet, salty, or made of chocolate.  Speaking of sweets, I thought I almost killed him the first day because he told me he was allergic to peanut butter.  That confession came after I gave him one of those chewy bars with chocolate and peanut butter chips.  He told me he didn't feel any different so I thought the low dose must have not effected him.  Later I asked his mom, Anne, if he was allergic and she just looked at me like I was crazy.  I then questioned Ronaldo about this claim of his and he said, "No, I LOVE peanut butter and chocolate, what's that called?"  He meant he is addicted, not allergic; insert sigh of relief here.  Anyway, Ronaldo and I have been taking photos on Mac's program Photo Booth and he also discovered that you can record video too, which I had no idea about.  So we have been messing around with that; he loves it.  He actually woke me up from a nap today to take pictures with the TNTs he brought home for me. TNTs are just like blowpops, but he thought we should take photos so I can show mi mudda and fadda. So below are photos of Ronaldo and I.  I would post videos, but I would die of embarrassment, its ok to act like you're nine when you're with a nine-year-old, but I don't think a wider audience would appreciate it as much.

The photos of the young girls were taken at the Busy Bee Basic School fashion show.  Jamaica's basic schools enroll kids from age 3-6.  The fashion show took place at the school's "fun day" an annual event to raise money for the school.  The girls walked in bathing suits, active wear and evening wear. After the fashion show, five graduating girls sung a song or read a poem as part of a competition to become the next "Miss Busy Bee."  It was crazy to see young girls competing at such a young age.  They were so confident and comfortable with themselves; if they asked me to get up on the stage, I'd rather run away! 


  1. Love this post. What an experience you having! Keep it up! Inspiring!

  2. Love it. Thanks for sharing. It is easy to really get a feel for your experience through your posts and photos.

    ps. I wanna chomp on those kiddos. All of um. Yum!

  3. I giggled through this whole post, such cuties all around! Those are some gutsy gals, I would totally be in your shoes. Have fun with Ronaldo, it's not often you find you find a super friend that can always make you smile! Enjoy your days, can't wait to see you!