Friday, June 11, 2010

Essential Amenities?

According to Webster, an amenity is something that conduces comfort, convenience, or enjoyment.  These "needed" amenities are sure to vary with standards of living and geographical location, but it is generally agreed upon that everyone enjoys being comfortable and convenience never hurts.  There are many things we think are absolutely necessary.  Small comforts like a couch or a bathroom door are taken for granted, while other larger amenities like an air conditioner or washing machine seem almost impossible to live without.  I've come to the realization that I have been very fortunate to enjoy hundreds of "amenities" all my life and now a few of them have gone by the wayside, and you'll never guess, I survived!  Not only have I survived, but I'm enjoying it.  I used to think water pressure was the most important thing in a household and now I basically take showers with an over head garden hose.  Earlier this year, I actually made a note to specifically check the water pressure when I peruse the housing market while looking to rent in Philly.  Of course, its nice, but necessary?  Not hardly. 

I'm writing this blog post as I am about to wash my clothes, by hand.  This is only the second time I'm doing it and after watching Anne yesterday, I realize how slow and inefficient I may be, but it is somehow gratifying. Of course, there is no need for dryers here, but that is the easy part; the sun will do all of that for me.  

Below are a few photos from the first time I washed my clothes.  One minute it was sunny and suffocating and the next there was a mighty breeze and a short rain storm, which was the perfect rinse for my surely soapy clothes.  The last photo was taken during the sunrise; the light is beautiful here.

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