Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Funky Fisheye Photos

Instead of spending hundreds on a fisheye lens for my Nikon, I asked Santa instead.  On Christmas morning I received this fabulous, small, lightweight and super retro camera.  Here is the Lomography online shop, where you can read about and shop for various cameras with cool effects.  I suspect it was my brother who bought me the Fisheye, not only did he buy an upgrade of what I asked for, he also bought me a second camera, the Oktomat. 
Both styles are 35mm film cameras.  The Fisheye comes with a hotshoe and a built-in flash.  I have the option of taking multiple exposures and using a bulb setting. There is even a button to lock the shutter, which I find is very convenient on film cameras.  How many times have you gotten a roll of film developed from a disposable camera to find that half the pictures were taken in your backpack?  It is always to tempting to wind the dial or advance the film lever, even if you aren't sure when you'll take your next picture. If you can't tell, I'm pretty much in love with this camera at the moment. 
The Oktomat is also great; I must admit, I don't use it as frequently, but only because it doesn't have the convenience of a flash.  The Oktomat has a great effect though, it takes 8 pictures with one click of a button.  From the moment you press the shutter, it begins rapidly taking photos; 8 shots are split between one piece of film in a matter of 2.5 seconds.  I have already shot a few rolls of film with this camera, but I haven't had the time or money to get them developed.  I will have eternal anger towards Temple University for shutting down the darkroom.  Not only was it my place of employment, but I loved having access to such a rare commodity.  I would rather spend an hour developing my own film than trust it to a machine at CVS, but I digress.        
Now I skip around and play all day with my Fisheye and Oktomat taking a picture of anything I deem funky, cool, outrageous, memorable, noteworthy........ Even if I think something looks slightly plain, I'll snap a picture because I know it will develop into something unique and slightly transformed.  Here are the first few shots I took with my beloved Fisheye.  Thanks Jeff!

This is a multiple exposure of an enormous dog.  If you look closely at the center of the frame her teeth are revealed; I think it is quite terrifying. 

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