Thursday, January 14, 2010

So the new year has been a little fuzzy...

Don't fret about the complete lack of posts in twenty-ten, everything is about to change.  The transformation began last night when I installed and activated my new wireless card.  I know my way around any computer, but when it comes to fixing problems or installing an upgrade I let my brother or pop take over.  I was definitely intimidated and a little confused, but I pushed on and the operation was successful.  I have to admit, it was rewarding; now I get to surf the web, reunite with Pandora and blog like crazy.
The beginning of this year has been full of celebration, naps and new resolutions.  The roomies and I were determined to make 2010 different, new, and most of all adventurous.  Our first major goal was to get our asses out of bed and see the Mummers for once.  We rolled out of bed in need of fuel and hydration, so we made our way to Honey's sit 'n eat, a local breakfast eatery.  It is a small space that reminds you of a Southern country kitchen.  Everyone loves Honey's, everyone.  It is always packed and you are guaranteed to wait.  Steph and I reported our names and skipped away to a small place up the street, The Random Tea Room.  Once inside we shed our coats and browsed the menu for a solid ten minutes.  I couldn't concentrate on just one tea concoction, there were so many ingredients and the combinations were all tempting.  I woke up with quite the headache and although the selection offered a tea called the Hangover Tamer, I decided to go with the Red Berry Fruit Melange, a blend of hibiscus and other fruity flavors.  As we sipped our tea we made conversation with the gentleman behind the counter.  He was communicating via walkie talkie and we had a feeling he was talking to the waiter at Honey's.  It turns out William ( crafter of teas, conveyor of information and new friend) was speaking to the waiter at Honey's and the entire walkie talkie idea was his!  After William joined us at our table we lept into a conversation full of many adventurous subjects. We talked about bikram yoga, new years eve adventures, vegan pies and Yerba Mate for about an hour; we were even late to our table at Honey's .
After breakfast, Steph and I headed back to Mount Blair (our house) to bundle up in order to brave the cold afternoon.  We layered until we weighed ten pounds heavier, then we set out to spot some Mummers.  First we ran into a street vendor who let Steph pull his wares, then we wandered around Broad street looking for the best spot to Mummer watch.  After a few hours of moving from place to place we ended up with a front row seat; we're not even sure if we were allowed to be there, but we weren't complaining.  The only thing separating us from the Mummers was a metal divider, by the time we staked out the spot it was almost time to leave though, so we watched one more performance and then jetted to the El.  As we were climbing over a railing to leave, I heard someone complaining to the security guard about wanting to be where Steph and I just were, he told them you needed a ticket, hah!

Happy New Year!

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