Monday, January 18, 2010

Future Plans

I often find myself contemplating my future homes.  Yes, homes.  I live pretty simply, but I love to change location often.  I plan on having several homes around the world.  They don't have to be lavish mansions, in fact I plan on living in a few houses that some would call shacks.  Did you ever play MASH? Well I always get shack and I finally realized that is all I'll need. 
At the moment, I plan on having an earth bag home in Jamaica.  This is a home that I could make pretty cheaply, but I will definitely need the help of a few friends.  I learned about this type of house at the Source Farm in Johnstown, Jamaica.  The house has a rounded top so it is perfect for mountain sides and areas with high winds.  It is simple and sustainable and most of the materials are already on site. 

I also want to find an old abandoned farmhouse somewhere in Pennsylvania.  Something with a sturdy foundation, other than that it can be completely torn up.  I want to find a house that is a really big project; I can hear my pop groaning now (he would probably have to come fix all my mistakes).  I think I have a romanticized picture in my head because of the movie It's A Wonderful Life, I'm sure Mary has my back on this issue.  Anyway, here are a few photos of a deserted but beautiful farm house I wandered around in not to far from my hometown of Shamokin, PA.


  1. Sweet pictures Schu, that would be sweet to have all those houses, even if they were shacks haha.

    (there's no such thing as by the way, but it wouldn't let me post if i didn't put it)

  2. Great post! I support your house mission, and will help acquire them if I can come for visits... the siblings should just have a bunch of houses that we trade!

    And is this the old house near Overlook? I've wanted to explore that one for a while.