Thursday, January 28, 2010

Officially Ready for SPRING

I don't know how the rest of Pennsylvania feels, but I'm COLD.  It was literally painful to get out of bed this morning.  The temp was in the low thirties today and tomorrow it is supposed to snow.  I can handle snow.  Snow brings smiles, but windy, freezing, frigid, frosty cold, nope I don't want you. In fact, go away.  Bring on the sun and more hours of daylight.  I'll take an entire February full of showers, I don't think I can wait until April.  I need sun and flowers and green grass and less clothing.  I want all of that now.  I think if I would have went to Jamaica over Christmas break as planned I would have been able to tolerate the cold for a few more months, but I didn't so I can't. If you can't tell, I'M SO OVER THE COLD.  Here are some pictures from a happier winter month, December.  That's when I could actually stand to be outside and smile.  From here on out I will be wrapped up in my coat, scarf, hat, gloves, face mask, etc.. with my head down until the sun visits my rosy cheeks.  If only it was socially acceptable for me to hibernate for awhile... actually, one would probably consider my winter break hibernation...does spending more time in your bed then out for 3 weeks count? 
Let me first introduce the stars of the show..Above is Miss Sophia, she is truly a princess.  Not the bitchy kind, the one you want to be friends with so you can play with her all day long.  She is absolutely a treat to be around.  When we hang I actually consider having offspring one day, but only if they are as cool as her. Which brings me to my next star, her momma, Nikki.  The picture above is actually a family portrait of sorts.  You can see Sophia in the foreground, and Nikki holding Sophia's little sis, Madeline in the background, the missing piece is George of course.  If you think these babes are cute, which I know you do, then you can see more of them on their crafty mom's blog.
Speaking of crafty, there is another reason these winter time pictures were posted and that is to show off the owl in the first couple of photos.  Madeline found the perfect little perch for her owl, in her little pocket.  The maker of these wise ones happens to be my big sis, Katie.  I was supposed to send her these photos, but I decided to steal her fame.  Don't worry Kate, I'll send you these and more over the weekend.  Anyway, if you think her knitted owl is nifty, or if you think it absolutely stinks and you can do better..then check out her blog before you try too hard, because its not gonna happen.  Katie has knitting needles for fingers, I'm not even kidding.  In a few days I plan on posting a super sweater filled post and just wait and see.
There is one more thing I must add; I just overheard a relevant conversation.  I just overheard my roomie opening the door for a friend and she exclaimed, "GEEZE, its cold out there!  Are you ok?" the friend answers, "Yea, I'm just overwhelmed by the cold."  Now, if you think I'm being ridiculous then you must know BOTH of the participants in that conversation have lived in Syracuse for the last four years.  If you don't know of Syracuse, its in New York and its a freakin' blizzard year round up there.  Main point: its cold. I would advise everyone to curl up with hot chocolate/coffee/tea/whiskey and keep watching for new posts to keep you warm.


  1. hahahaha ~ I JUST complained about the cold on my blog and then came over here... at least we're in this together! love you, thanks for the props*

  2. suuuupppper. xo

    ps. after this post you can no longer refer to children, either living or potential, as "offspring." for real, for real.

  3. ahhahaha ok, I'll keep that in mind.

  4. Hey Sweet Pea, How's that 1/14/2010 resolution working out for you? But serioulsy, I heard how busy you are and that the Enquire has published some of your pics. Send me the dates.
    Love, SF