Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm Back!

I arrived in Philadelphia on Monday night, so once I'm settled I will be posting everything from the last month. I found a new home in Jamaica and I cannot wait to share it with you all. Before I start posting, I need to write a paper for the class I was taking while in Jamaica. I took over a thousand pictures, so there will be a lot of material to feast your eyes on. Until then, here are few that either caught my eye or reminded me of the amazing adventures I had.

This small boat was located at the coast guard in Bowden, St. Thomas. The officers said that a family from another country was actually traveling in this boat and as they passed through the channel the officers stopped them.

This is the group of students that went on the over night hike through the Jon Crow and Blue Mountains. From Left to Right: Ali, Emily, Jack, Lindsey, Mark and Jill

This is Shaggy, he was our tour guide for the hike through Cunha Cunha Pass.

These two flowers are in the butterfly garden at Hope Gardens in Kingston. These two photos reminded me of one of the best people I've met in Jamaica. His name is Bruce and he was actually the designer and planter of the butterfly garden.


  1. YAY so glad you're back and beautiful photos so far!! i can't wait to see all of them!!

  2. that yellow flower is the new default pic on my computa