Tuesday, July 28, 2009

June 6

The entire crew woke up groggy on Sunday. The rooster started to crow around 4 am; luckily I was able to block him out, I was only woken up once. I had a great nights sleep, but I remember someone complaining that I stay up too late and cough too often. Thanks for the water Jack! After we packed up our things, Alex and I started off the day with a little yoga and a few headstands, but we were quickly evacuated from our quiet mountainside by the hungry mosquitoes. Everyone was ready to hit the trail, so we packed up and hiked up...for a few miles. Once we reached the second pit stop everyone was sweating and panting, but Shaggy assured us it was all downhill from there. We hiked for a few miles under the coverings of Jamaica's luscious green tropical forests. I kept comparing the different creatures and plants I saw here with what I've experienced hiking in Pennsylvania. I realized I'm substantially more comfortable in this climate and I enjoy the variety of plants, fruits, and animals more than those in the North. When I ventured on a moonlight walk on Saturday night, my only fear was stepping in deep puddles. In PA I can barely work up the courage to walk to my mailbox at night. I'm not sure why I'm so terrified in Pennsylvania's forests; my pop still laughs at me because I was terrified of coyotes when we were camping. The cold also gets to me, whenever I consider backpacking it has to be before November.
Before I knew it, the trees opened up and sun cut down through the forests. We took photos at the end of the trail and continued walking through the small meadow scattered with goats and small homes. As we walked up the mountainside through the meadow, Shaggy waved me over. He told me he was going to introduce me to his parents. We stopped at a light blue tin gate that guarded a windy dirt path lined with beautiful tropical flowers. Shaggy lead me into the small home that sat on the side of the mountain. His mother was in the kitchen and his fada was watching a Jamaican Soap Opera on television. His mother told me she has been to California three times and she was surprised to find out I had never been there. She was hospitable like every other Jamaican woman I have met. After filling my water bottle she sent us out the door and again we hiked until we reached our taxis at the Hayfield road.
Shaggy arranged for another taxi driver that was more experienced with the road to come pick us up, but since there was only one car a few of us chose to walk. The pictures below are ones I took on that long and sunny walk down the mountain side.

After the two hour drive home everyone was ready for a shower and some breakfast. My breakfast of macaroni and cheese was great, my shower however was not. Being the great friend she is, Alex snapped these pictures.

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  1. you'll have to visit california now to see calder's new place!