Tuesday, July 28, 2009

June 9

Tuesday was another day with RADA. Lindsey, Mark, Jack and I went out with the extension officer for Yallahs, Mr. Forrestor, and others. We talked to several farmers about hurricane preparedness and we also helped one farmer prepare for a fruit farm. The government in Jamaica is giving RADA free seeds for fruit trees and extension officers teach farmers how to plant and care for the trees.

Here is a collection of animals I saw on Tuesday. This baby lizard was at the villa; it was the smallest I saw there! This hen was among about thirty at a residence in Yallahs. The woman who raised these chickens was about fifty and she had an acre of land and a nice little villa facing the salt pond. The extension officers were advising her on the depth of her holes for grape vines. She showed me her squash and pumpkin plants and we swamped pumpkin soup recipes.

The first farm we went to in Yallahs was home to a variety of animals. Cows, goats, kittens, pigs and one sad donkey lived there. I helped feed the goats and asked a million questions as we were waiting out a classic morning rain shower. After the shower passed we staked out where the mango trees would be planted. One of the farmers climbed a coconut tree and cut down a bunch for us all to enjoy. I loved being out in the field and experiencing the extension officers day to day work.

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  1. wow, these pictures are awesome! You should make us some Jamaican pumpkin soup for Thanksgiving. love*