Wednesday, July 8, 2009

May 26

Tuesday was the first day we all spent visiting potential work sites. First we went to a bush called Bath. Bath is about an hour and half East of Yallahs. Some members of the group worked with the ladies of Bath to market their wine, jams and other goods. When we went to Bath we were offered samples of Aloe Vera, Jack fruit, Mango and Breadfruit wines; they were delicious and I liked that I was meeting the ladies who actually created my drink. The ladies made a large variety of wine and jelly and they needed to market these products. They have been entering wine competitions and doing really well, but they didn't know how to begin to sell their goods.

After we were done sampling wine, I met Bosco. Bosco is a rasta that loved me. He actually introduced me to Jamaican apples, which are called Otaheites. Otaheites are much tastier than an granny smith. They are juicer, have a softer consistency, and have a large pit in their center. After Bosco and I shared an apple and he pronounced me his wife, he brought me his lunch. It happened to be curried goat and cabbage salad. Even though I rarely eat meat, I told myself I would be adventurous in Jamaica, so I tried the goat. I can't really remember if I liked it because I was kind of freaked out that there were live goats running around on the street and also a piece of one on my fork, but I know it wasn't completely gross. I had a bite of the cabbage salad, which was really good, but then I was thirsty.

I must have said this out loud because the next thing I know Bosco is climbing a coconut tree for me. He was up in the tree before I could even adjust my setting on my camera. This was my first taste of coconut water in Jamaica and it was amazing. My favorite drink is water, so this was actually something I could enjoy. A lot of Jamaicans have told me that coconut water is the only thing that can wash and cleanse one's heart. Bosco wouldn't charge us for the coconuts because he said we were his friends, so we gave him some American money because he said he likes it better. Bosco also showed me his house and picked some limes for me before I left. He was a sweetheart even though he might have been slightly crazy. The other students in the group that worked at Bath told me that he would ask about flattering.

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  1. Ooh, it's so much fun to finally read your posts! I really like hearing about you day to day life and the fun little adventures! Can't wait for more, xoxo