Tuesday, July 28, 2009

June 3

Wednesday was a relatively relaxing day. Wednesdays were my work days at the villa. After breakfast I grabbed my book and went to read on my favorite bed swing. I was reading Carolyn Cooper's 'Sound Clash: Jamaican Dancehall Culture at Large.' After awhile I started to crave a nap in the beautiful breeze, but I dragged myself out from under the Almond tree to go play football. Lindsey and I went to the Yallahs Primary School to play and simultaneously catch a killer sun tan. Mr. Good invited us over to juggle before we started and it was shocking how fast everything came back to me. It was almost as if three years of dormancy was erased with five minutes of footwork, but I was definitely disadvantaged when it came to comparing my energy level to that of an eleven year old.
After football we walked to the square and grabbed festival and patties for lunch. Then I took a quick dip in the ocean and
met up with Alex to discuss the next day's lesson plan. We were preparing to go to Yallahs Basic School. We wanted to teach the kids a short lesson, but most importantly we wanted to interact with them and give them fun new art supplies to work with. So that night we planned a lesson around colors and the rainbow. We made posters depicting the rainbow and ROY G BIV. We gathered all the crayons and markers we could find and hoped for the best the following day.

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